Walks and Notes

Good things to bring to the island

Beach shoes or waterproof sandals (for walking on rocks, shells...), sunglasses, sun hats. You do not need linens.

Island Services

  • Doughty's Market  207-846-9997 (small general store). In summer they have fresh produce, a deli counter, beer, wine, ice cream
  • Chebeague Inn  207-846-5155 (New England inn w/ old charm). June - September. Call ahead for dinner reservations. Golf course between the inn and the bay. 
  • Lobsters 207-650-3327 We order from Jeff Putnam, easiest way is to text him (so he can get messages while working his boat) He will bring them to the house.        
  • Library  - wonderful place!
  • Historical Society Museum - interesting exhibits & gift shop
  • Post office - at the Boat Yard.
  • Boat Yard  - with gas pump & "The Niblic" gift shop
  • Slow Bell Cafe - live music on weekends
  • Recreation Department - outdoor pool, nice small playground


1. Coleman Cove beach loop-walk 1 1/2 mile loop (30 min.) - From the house walk left toward the beach; take the dirt access road down. Walk to the point, looking for sea glass. Just after the point turn inland onto a dirt road (Jenks Landing Rd.) a dirt road. Follow this road about 1/2 mile until it hits the paved road.  Turn left on the paved road, passing an old white house on the left.  Take the first dirt road on the left (S. Shore Dr.), back to Coleman Cove. 

2. Walk to Bennett Cove (nice sunset views)  1/2 mile one way  (10 min.)  - Bennett Cove has a small rock point called The Nubble. It's next to a marsh with many birds.  To get to Bennett Cove, walk from our house back around S. Shore Dr. to the paved road - turn left. Walk less than 1/4 mi. to an intersection (left side is a dirt road). Go straight and continue down past several houses to the water. The marsh is on the left. Kids love to climb around The Nubble.

3. Walk to Dear Point (nice view of the open ocean) 3 miles round trip (2 hours) -  This walk takes you down to the island's westernmost point, with good views of Hope Island and the open ocean. There are parts toward the end where the trail becomes overgrown and a bit hard to follow.  As with the walk to Bennett Cove, you walk from our house to the main paved road and turn left.  At the first intersection, turn left on a dirt road which will turn to the right. Follow this basically straight ahead until it turns into a small path.  At the end as you near the water look for a way down to the shore as the path is somewhat overgrown. I believe the path heads slightly to the right and you will need to walk to the left on the ledges to reach the point. 

4. Walk to the Chandler Cove Beach (sand beach)  1/2 mile (15 min.) - This beach is one of the sandier beaches on the island and is very good for small children because the water gets deep very slowly.  To get to the beach, walk out S. Shore Dr. to the paved road and turn right.  After the paved road turns to the left, look for a small dirt road. This leads through the woods, joining another dirt road, to a wide clearing with a narrow path to the beach.

5. Little Chebeague Island (long walk across a sand bar to a small island, now a state park)  2 miles (1 hour) - Drive or ride bikes to The Hook / Indian Point: Turn right from S. Shore Dr. onto the main paved road. After about 1/2 mile turn left. You will soon see Chandlers Cove spread out below on your left. Follow the road up, veering right around a corner. There will be a dirt road on your left with a sign for The Hook. You can leave your car here and walk down (5 min.), or drive down to the end where there are a few spaces for cars.

This walk is best done when the tide is falling and at least 1/2 way out when you start, since the sand bar is exposed at low water. Kids will love walking across the bar, finding all sorts of treasures washed up by the tide. Little Chebeague Island is now owned by the state, and there are trails running through it with markers describing the hotel and several houses that are no longer there. REMEMBER to watch the time and the tide so you can cross the sand bar before the tide comes back in. This bar is completely under water at high tide.